Order No. 239


Website. 50,000 copies. Russian.
Gluschenkoizdat, 2020
A new website for the ‘Glushchenkoizdat Publishing’ continues the storyline of creating an image of an old publisher with its roots dating back to the 80s. The site structure, visual language and tone of voice are following this task. The texts are written on behalf of the publisher in a recognizable formal language. Exhibitions are described as if they're the publisher stands at an Expos. The reference sections inherent in large publishers have been compiled in detail: internships, information for authors, branches, information about the publisher.
Visual language slightly refers to the office aesthetics of the late 80s. So, instead of lines, hyphens are used, and all texts are typed in mostly one size, using just the Quant Antiqua typeface. The site feels as if printed on an electronic typewriter. The text and graphic elements are made in blue, referring to the color of carbon paper or blue ink for the typewriter tape.
‘Gluschenkoizdat’ even starts its own residence: an element of organization, extremely rare in Russia and considered as the prerogative of large and wealthy institutions. The site announced the creation of a residence for writers and researchers ‘Pioneer Resort’, located on the Baltic Sea coast, with shifts of 3 months. The residence will actually exist, the first shift has already taken place. Based on its results, a 100 copies edition of the book will be published and an event will be held in Kaliningrad.
All pages of the website start with the order number and circulation number: it is assumed that site is designed for a limited amount of visits, just like the printed matter.