Order No. 250

‘Moscow Lights’.
Press Images

1. Tatyana Rogacheva. 2.1. Exhibition of Leningrad avangard artists in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, 1989. 2.2. House of Soviets, 1981. 2.3. New pharmacy on the Novopregolskaya emb., 1979. 3. House of trade unions, 1985. 4. Moscow Avenue, Kalinigrad, 1984.
Film is deeply rooted in the local context of Kaliningrad history. As a part of traditional ‘promo’ I’ve made a series of prints with archival images from the 1970s–1980s, as well as photos from the film sets. In the movie publishing house is located inside the ‘House of Trade Unions’. Once a beautiful modernist building with an open yard inside, beloved by the late 80s young scaters, today it is fenced and ‘renovated’, gone is the open ground floor. ‘Moscow Lights’ itself is the name of a restaurant, once used to be on Moscow Avenue. All actors are from the Kaliningrad Drama Theater. On the photo: (1) Tatyana Rogacheva plays the leading role of Olga Zilova, head of the publishing house. It’s her movie debut.