Kirill Gluschenko’s (b. 1983, Kaliningrad) work sees him as head of a fictional publishing house called ‘Gluschenkoizdat’, of which he is also the sole employe — a reporter of sorts — who spends his time visiting towns in Russia and former Eastern bloc, to take photograph and eventually publish books about them. This project took its final form in an exhibition ‘Our Days are Rich and Bright’ (2016, Moscow). Over the years his works evolved towards work with archives and artistic research. Gluschenko holds MA in Photography from Lepzig Academy of Fine Arts and started his PhD at the Estonian Art Academy.


Film, 2020

Exhibition in Moscow (2020)
Press Images
Installation and book, 2017–2022

Exhibition in Venice (2017)
Exhibition in Leipzig (2019)
Welcome to The Ideal. Book
Welcome to The Ideal. Newspaper
Hotel Venets’. Short film

1962. Book
Benign Duplicates. Book
Exhibition in Kaliningrad (2020)

Order No. 266

Just a Hum of Nothingness
Between Me and You

“Just a Hum of Nothingness Between Me and You” (“Между мной и тобой только гул небытия”). Acrylic stencil on fiberboard, 16,30 × 0,70 m.
Sign at the entrance of Gluschenkoizdat office in Moscow

Order No. 252

Venets. Welcome To The Ideal
Newspaper Edition

ISBN 978–5–600–02969–9. 400 × 578 mm, 36 pages 144 illustrations.
Edition: 1970 copies. 690 rub.

Order No. 249

‘Moscow Lights’
...On The Moscow Ave.

“Огни Москвы” ...На Москвоском проспекте
Short film, 23 min 30 sec, 5k, Widescreen 2.66:1, 1/5

Commissioned for the 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art at the Garage Museum. Film is yet another chapter in the story of a fictional publishing house Gluschenkoizdat. This time the publisher is about to close its original Kaliningrad division and move to Moscow. Part of the team struggles with changes and tries to find a way to survive in a hometown.

Order No. 260

Benign Duplicates

Acrylic paint on the wall, 4000 × 3500 mm. Prints No. 159–162, 1000 × 700 mm (edition of 10 copies). Gluschenkoizdat, 2021.