Order No. 121


202 × 262 mm, 192 pages. Russian, English. Edition of 10 copies.
Gluschenkoizdat, 2016.
My single girlfriends live in houses of the old type. And either on the fifth floor or the first, where there are benches. They say they haven’t got the strength to go sit and wait every Tuesday in the neighbourhood housing committee. In actual fact, they simply don’t need a flat in a new building. Their flats are quite special. My single girlfriends take pride in their irregularity, and in this more than anything else. The nameplates on their doors cannot be missed — the inscriptions are handwritten. Beside the nameplate there hangs a notepad, with a pencil hanging next to it on a string: for those who come to visit and don’t catch them in. »Meine alleinstehenden Freundinnen« Helga Schubert. Halle—Leipzig, 1978