Order No. 249


Short film
Installation view.
The seats reminiscent of the ‘Barrikady’ cinema in Kaliningrad, once a blooming place of an underground artistic scene in the 00s, recently went under possesion of Russian Orthodox Church and dismantled with the building itself.

Installation has a wide 4×1.5 m screen and three rows of seats. Russian and English subtitles provided.
180×100 cm film poster is digitally printed on an old fabric and assembled from three pieces. It’s a nod to traditional posters made by ‘Reklamfilm’ for the cinema theaters like ‘Barrikady’.
‘The mysterious Kaliningrad publishing house is preparing to move to Moscow. But a conflict is brewing in the leadership, and Roskomizdat is dragging its feet on documents. Discontent grows inside the team, and the long-forbidden question is asked out loud: who Glushchenko really was?’

A short film shot in Kaliningrad in the summer of 2020 by Pionerskkurortfilm for the 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art at the Garage Museum.

Watch it on YouTube.