2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art
‘A Beautiful Night for All The People’
Garage Museum
Moscow, Russia • Group show
Kirill Gluschenko, Moscow Lights, 2020
Video, 23 min 30 sec, 5k, Widescreen 2.66:1

The small Kaliningrad-based publishing house Glushchenkoizdat became widely known after the exhibition Our Days are Rich and Bright, which took place at the Stankolit factory in Moscow in 2016. The Glushchenkoizdat publications presented in the show included photographic albums about various cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, as well as a unique publication: the diary of Nikolai Kozakov, a bus driver and hunter who lived in Gorky Oblast (today Nizhny Novgorod Oblast). The albums and archives published by Glushchenkoizdat draw attention to the literary and visual undertones of the Khrushchev Thaw. Using faded black-and-white imagery, the publisher reminds us how, as the threat of mass persecution subsided, a new, freer and more elegant human being emerged: the citizen of the postwar Soviet Union. The documentary about the publishing house shot for the Triennial is screened in a space that recreates the interior of Barrikady Cinema, one of Kaliningrad’s key cultural platforms that hosted noise and electronic music concerts, poetry slams, and other events in the 2000s. In the 2010s, the ownership of the building was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church and the cinema was demolished. — Valentin Diakonov
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2nd Garage Triennial
  of Russian
  Contemporary Art
  Garage Museum

Marion-Ermer Preis.
  MdbK Leipzig

• General Rehearsal.

Space Force
  V–A–C Dzattere

Our Days are Rich
  and Bright
  3a, Polkovaya str.

• Installation Venets
  and radioplay Radio Venets.
  The Price of The Ideal

Just a Hum of Nothingness
  Between Me and You
  Moscow Branch
  of Gluschenkoizdat Press

Venets. Welcome to The Ideal.
  Russian Edition

  Exemplary Novel-Newspaper

Moscow Lights. Film

Benign Duplicates. Diaries (1962)
  and Photographs (1954–1993) from
  The Archive of Nikolai Kozakov
  Edited by Kirill Gluschenko

Benign Duplicates. Photographs
  (1954–1993) from The Archive
  of Nikolai Kozakov
  Series of manual offset prints

Venets. Ascension to Olympus.
  Series of manual offset prints

  Welcome to The Ideal

Our Days are Rich and Bright.
  Series of manual offset prints

Riga. Salaspils.




Eesti: Pärnu,
  Tartu, Tallinn

• Radioplay 1962.
  N. Kozakov Diaries.
  Vinyl (2×LP)
  and Podcast series

N. Kozakov.
  1962. Diaries

Leningrad, Gorkiy,
  Minsk, PalangaDubna

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