Order No. 115

1962. Radioplay

Vinyl, 2 × LP 180g, 8 pages booklet insert. 300 copies. Gluschenkoizdat, 2016.
1962, Soviet Union. On the brink of inevitable coming of communism, Nikolai Kozakov, a truck driver from the Gorky region, steals from the collective farm property, goes to Kazakhstan to work on the gas pipeline construction and is treated for stuttering by hypnosis in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. Behind the ostentatious masculinity — he hunts, rides a motorcycle and is constantly drunk — Kozakov hides a secret life of a man with developed taste, a subtle observer, a student  of ancient mythology. He writes poetry, takes photographs, pities himself and falls in love, perhaps too often. 〈...〉 Grigor Atanesian